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Gastro Gnome Meals® are for anyone who loves great food as much as they love getting outside. That’s us. And if that’s you, too, then we invite you to take Gastro Gnome on your next adventure.

Smith River

what people are saying

"Intense is kind of an understatement. Full-on flavors of Thailand, the real deal of salty, spicy, sweet green curry. Love the fragrance that comes out of the bag. Totally transported to the streets of Thailand with this one.”


"The most comforting, filling and warming stew. In-your-face smoky notes from the chiles. Love the bites of flavorful chicken. Also, did someone squeeze fresh lime into this bag? Flavor Town, visited."


"So satisfying to the core. A delicious, hearty, creamy, savory pasta. Don't tell anyone, but I serve it at dinner parties. No one would guess it's freeze-dried backpacking food. It's amazing."



Everything you need is inside the bag. Just add boiling water and wait. No extra ingredients, no containers, no surprises. Here’s what you do:

  1. Open bag, remove silica packet.
  2. Add boiling water to the fill line. Stir. Seal for 8-12 minutes.
  3. Open, stir, check hydration. Add more water if needed. Seal another five minutes.
  4. Use good judgment to decide readiness.
  5. Dig in.
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Have questions? We've got answers.

How long does it take to rehydrate the meals?

About 8-12 minutes. Add boiling water, kick back and talk to your friends or watch the sunset while you wait. Those minutes will sail right by.

What happens if I eat a silica packet?

Let’s just say it’s NOT recommended. You should definitely take out the silica packet before eating. Even if you notice that it’s still in there while you’re eating, just pull it out. But if you accidentally do swallow one, it won’t be digested and will just come out the other side. While some contain toxic additives, ours don’t. They’re food grade and they don’t leach into the food.

What is the shelf life?

We provide a "Best By" date of 3 years from the day it is packed, except for the Rigatoni, which carries a "Best By" date of 1 year from the day it is packed.

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