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We'd like to take a moment to step off the stage to shine a light on the small businesses who support Gastro Gnome and stock us on their shelves. After 6 months, we are so proud to be present in these shops who are strongholds in our outdoor communities and send a big, huge, thanks to them for believing in better food!

Here's a look at Uphill Pursuits, Chopwood Mercantile, and Second Wind Sports.

Uphill Pursuits


The go-to place for Bozeman to get kitted for Montana's incredible array of outdoor adventures, Uphill Pursuits isn't your average gear shop. Not only do they offer their own skimo races, trail running series, and in-house educational clinics, but they also team up with local non profits to ensure our outdoor family thrives.
Like we said, not just a gear shop.
Buyer at Uphill, Becky Switzer, spends her time connecting with our beautiful landscape in all the ways her customers do- rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and when that rock freezes over- ice climbing. If you need expert knowledge or expert gear, there are great folks at work behind the products in their store. But it's not just about the gear, it's also about the experiences. Hearing how their customers were able to connect with these mountains is a highlight of the Uphill day because they simply love when guests come in to share stories of their adventures.
We feel fortunate that they see us as contributors to this rad community and are stoked to fuel their Uphill Pursuits. If you want to stay tuned to classes/events/etc, scope their Instagram page for the latest.

Chopwood Mercantile


Located in Crested Butte, Colorado, Chopwood is driven by passionate owners, Travis and Lisa. Founded on the idea of "rethinking retail," they set out to do things differently by merging boutique and outdoor retail, thoughtfully selecting the finest of what's available in the outdoor space.
Avid bike riders, skiers, and river enthusiasts these folks know their community and it's topographic lines like no one else. Exploring it often by horse-back, knowledge of their mountains is part of what makes visiting their shop special. What they specialize in? Listening and connecting their guests to the outdoors. We're proud to be on the shelves of Travis and Lisa's Chopwood Mercantile where quality is paramount.
We're big fans of their blog, especially the latest about taking The Conscious CamperPledge- we highly suggest that quick read and taking the pledge!

Second Wind Sports


This one begins with a story of having a cheering squad for Gastro Gnome as the idea developed. Our cheerleader was Brad Baumann, owner of Second Wind Sports, who tried our meals in the earliest stages of infancy, pouring water into Ziploc bags filled with guinea pig versions of our now loved Green Curry.
When Shannon first moved to Bozeman, she didn't have the plethora of gear to do all the fun Montana things, but every single "OG" in town told her to head to Brad's shop, which made any adventure you could dream of possible. The tools and the guidance found there helped propel her into the wilderness and eventually so far into the woods that Gastro Gnome was born. She went right back to Second Wind to beg for taste testers in her experiment. Fast forward 3 years and much encouragement from the shop's team, Second Wind has a custom Gastro Gnome display case right as you walk in. And after you get beyond that display, you can peruse the tools needed for any medium of adventure imaginable. When you fall out of love with one of your sports, bring that used equipment by and they will get it into the hands of someone looking for a way in.
Second Wind is not just a used gear shop, it's the place to take your idea because they will have the gear (and encouragement) that'll push you to try it.


Another big thank you to the folks who believe in doing it differently and that good food matters out there. When you're gearing up for your next adventure- pop into one of these stores to say 'hello' and check out what they have to offer.

If you know of a shop in your town that we should talk to- tell us about this awesome place here.

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