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Hey There. We’ve been having fun in the kitchen over the last few months, cooking, tasting and perfecting the recipes for our new line of backcountry meals. We set out to make food you would expect from a really great restaurant that is lightweight and packable enough to take on any off-the-beaten-path adventure. If you have vowed to never eat another tasteless freeze-dried meal, Gastro Gnome is aiming to make it so you don’t have to.

Recipe Development

We’re stoked to share that four solid recipes are complete: Chicken Pozole Rojo, Indian Spiced Yogurt Chicken and Golden Rice, Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage and Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Northern Thai Green Chicken Curry.

On our journey to create better backpacking food, we wanted to serve the best comfort food from around the world. That led us to these dishes. The combination of toasted chiles, garlic and onion in our Chicken Pozole Rojo stir up thoughts of eating stew in Mexico City. The layered flavors of our rigatoni, made with house sausage and creamy roasted red pepper sauce, will make you feel like you’re tucking in for a meal at an Italian American restaurant.

Next Steps

The next step for production is to get the official go-ahead from the FDA and USDA. In the meantime, packaging is in the works so we are ready to roll when we get the green light. We’re taking everything into consideration during this stage, like making the bags easy to eat out of. We don’t know about you, but we’re tired of getting our hands messy reaching into those deep bags.


And finally, check out our new branding, which is the result of our partnership with the creative minds over at Armstrong Marketing Solutions. The team at AMS has been hard at work, getting to know us and what we’re all about then bringing our brand to life in a really fun and authentic way.

So that’s where we’re at! A lot will be happening in the next few months. Follow along with us on our new Instagram account, visit the website and open our newsletters when they show up in your inbox. We can’t wait to share more updates with you!

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