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We're thrilled to announce you can now find us on the shelves at Uphill Pursuits, Bozeman’s newest outdoor community hub for all things backcountry—ski, climb, run, or whatever you’re pursuing.

Not only does Uphill Pursuits bring you the best gear in Southwest Montana, but you can find the best service from the best techs. When you need the best in outdoor gear, advice, or inspiration—simply head uphill.

Now, pop into their shop in the Cannery District for the best in outdoor meals, too.


We love Bozeman and understand why so many others fall in love with it, too. It's beautiful with incredible access to the mountains, and has a way of feeling like a small town no matter how quickly it grows. But that only happens if our community supports each other and continues to be patrons at the Bozeman-owned stores that set us apart from strip-mall landscapes. We understand our role in this and certainly never want to lose the places that serve not only a gear shop, but offer the opportunity to see familiars faces and stay connected to the pulse of our adventure communities. We're proud to be on the shelves of these crucial pieces of the outdoor family and are thrilled they've welcomed The Gnome onto their shelves.


We invite you to check out the 3 places where you can now get your Gnome Meals- Uphill Pursuits, Second Wind Sports, and here at our shop in Four Corners. We're always happy to see you, but if you haven't popped into either of those unique shops yet, get on it!

As always, thank you for following along as we try to do this whole backcountry food game differently. Your support means everything.

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