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We've had a blast preparing for our 6 Month Anniversary with the crew at Bozeman Brewing. Crafting the perfect packable beverage pairings for our adventure ready meals was downright FUN. Together we honed in on flavor profiles that compliment each other in the backcountry and allow our unique meals to come alive with each bite. On our anniversary (officially June 10th), we'd like to say 'Cheers' with this line up of local flavor in the only way we'd ever celebrate a milestone- away from it all with delicious local food and brews.

Check out the line up below.

Indian Yogurt Braised Chicken + Plum St. Porter

The roasty characters of the porter are a surprising yet perfect pair with our sweet golden basmati rice. The slight hint of chocolate bitterness behind the porter matches the tangy yogurt just right. Our exotic blend of spices that amp up this beautiful curry are brought to life with the nuttiness of the Porter. We thought it would play well with a Pilsner, but the team at Bozeman Brewing threw this stunner in and changed our minds!

Spicy Italian Sausage +
Gallatin Pale Ale

Call us predictable, but this super luscious and comforting pasta just needed a classic pale ale! The bold and big flavors of this Italian pasta begged for a clean, crisp, and fairly acidic pal for the ride. We all agreed, this was the best pairing of the line up. For every bite, you'll want another sip. So kick back, enjoy this bowl er...bag of savory pasta, and take in the view.

Thai Green Curry +
Haze Trip Hazy IPA

When we needed playful and fun, Bozeman Brewing handed us this Haze Trip and we landed on the most "session-able" duo of all. The tropical notes of the hazy meet the in-your-face lemongrass and ginger and allow the Thai Curry to absolutely sing. While this is a highly drinkable pairing, we actually recommend taking this one slowly- the amount of subtle flavors that show up are not to be missed.

Almond Pesto & Mushroom Ragu Farfalle + Amber Ale

Earthy, umami, deep, satisfying- meets...the same. The Amber Ale walks side by side with the Farfalle and allow each other to stand on their own while being a well suited match. Both suitors are clean, but still showcase a depth of flavor that is rich and refreshing. We'd go anywhere with these two.

Mexican Red Chicken Pozole +
Hey Bear Honey Kölsch

We said Corona, they said 'No.' But what they met us with was a clean, crisp, light, cutter-of-heat to match our fiery stew that begs for a tall cold one to cool down. We recommend bringing a lime on the trail for this one. A little squeeze of fresh lime juice, and you'll be transported to backcountry Heaven.


We have yet to find a grocery story or well-stocked gas station in Montana that doesn't carry Bozeman Brewing, but we prefer to grab our brews at the Bozone. Anywhere else in Montana? We'd bet your grocery store has 'em! To get your Gnome, simply click here and set for pick-up or delivery.

If you want to catch some of the anniversary action, we'll be giving away tons of Gnome swag on that day, June 10th. Tune in to our Instagram to get on board. Happiest of adventuring, y'all. Cheers to the first 6 Months from our small crew at The Gnome.

Do not drink all 5 pairings at once. Please act and drink responsibly, especially in the outdoors. Always pack it in and pack it out. If you're under 21, you cannot participate in these pairings. We suggest tried and true water. Thanks!

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