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Gastro Gnome Has a Home!

Hi there! We know these past few weeks have been pretty crazy. We’ve felt it here too, but we wanted to take this time to check in and let you know what we have been up to and maybe provide a short distraction from other news. Here at Gastro Gnome, we have been working away, getting even closer to rolling out our new line of backcountry meals.

Gastro Gnome Found a Home

That’s right. After a year and a half of hunting, we found the perfect spot for Gastro Gnome’s home base. Our new 3,000-square-foot facility will house our kitchen, freeze-drying and packaging operation, shipping center and offices. After living and working in Bozeman for the last few years, it was really important to reinvest back into the local community. If you’ve never been here, Bozeman is a really special place. So when it was time to find a space to house Gastro Gnome, it was important to do it here. Currently, we are busy building out the production facility and turning it into Gastro Gnome headquarters. Depending on shifting timelines, we would like to be up and running sometime this summer.

Packaging is in Progress

Meanwhile, the design team over at Armstrong Marketing Solutions is working away on packaging for our first five meals: Chicken Pozole Rojo, Indian Spiced Yogurt Chicken and Golden Rice, Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage and Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Northern Thai Green Chicken Curry and, by popular demand, a vegetarian dish, Morel and Asparagus Pasta.

Just like we like to get creative in the kitchen, the AMS team is getting creative with our packaging, coming up with designs that combine photography and illustrations. Because of our food-first focus, we wanted to show images of the actual dish that’s inside the package. You can see the details of our food in the photographs, and the packages have hand-drawn images of ingredients specific to that dish, giving them a hand-crafted feeling, just like our scratch-made meals. Another fun note about our packages - they are shallow by design, more like the shape of a bowl, making them easier to eat out of.

Here’s a look at what the AMS team has been working on.

We look forward to sharing progress as soon as all of our wheels start turning again. We’d like to end by sending our well wishes to all of our friends in the food community. We know it is a tough time, but we have always been a tough group of people. Love to all of you. We look forward to being able to gather together around the table or the campfire again soon.

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