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We're stoked to announce you can now enjoy Gastro Gnome any and everywhere. Like, Hawaii, Alaska, and the whole lower 48. You can now visit the website and ship our 5 flagship flavors (and ice cream) straight to your doorstep.

Maybe you knew, or maybe you're new to the crew, but we intentionally launched small, keeping Gastro Gnome's focus on our direct Montana community. Rather than setting our sights on growth, we locked in on food quality, customer service, training the team, and really building our foundation to shake up the freeze dried game. Fueling Montana adventures has truly been an honor for us- an adventure in and of itself. But it's time to spread our wings and get really tasty food into the hands of folks headed into the wilderness across America. For your pals who need to the hear about the Gnome, forward them this announcement or tune in tomorrow to our Instagram where sharing the news with you friends could win you our Tasting Menu!

Grab your meals here and ship them wherever you please!


Absolutely nothing will change about the food quality, our commitment to using the best ingredients, or how each meal is carefully prepared as we take this next step forward. While it's certainly not the easy route, we are keeping everything in house, in our hands, and just as delicious as ever.
It truly took an incredible amount of support from our local outdoor community, friends and family, but most importantly, the team here at Gastro Gnome to get to this point. Hard work and persistence are thick under our roof where we cook, pack, ship, and even write these newsletters. We're beyond thrilled to be fueling your adventures, thanks so much for your support. It's already been a wild ride, and as we like to say, it's just getting started.

A sincere 'Thank You' for being with us and passing this news to your favorite adventure buddy.
Cheers from Team Gnome!

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