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Allow us to introduce you to one off the raddest of rad climbers of all formats and skiers of all beautiful places, Becky Switzer. Below, she dives into her "why" of all things to pack to the rock, she's bringing Gnome.


When you think of backcountry meals, visions of racking up the miles deep into the woods with a heavy pack likely pop into your head. You probably think of underseasoned, unrecognizable food over a powdery bed of rice, not to mention an unhappy gut the next day. While we used to eat these meals only out of absolute necessity, Gastro Gnome has changed the game with food that I look forward to devouring anywhere, anytime.


Gastro Gnome offers such a wide variety of tasty and nutritious flavors that have allowed me to actually enjoy eating the nutrition I need- giving me more time to focus on what I went out there to do in the first place.

Often, the endless sunshine during Montana’s summer days lull us into thinking we can play outside forever. For me, rock climbing takes up most of my time, and let’s face it, when we are having fun, planning goes out the window. But when the sun starts to set, I can simply boil up some water for Indian Yogurt Braised Chicken, my favorite Gastro Gnome flavor and let it cook while I clean up after a long day of climbing. Having the confidence of fueling myself with nourishing food, versus cheap mac and cheese, sets me up for playing hard the following day.


During winter months, I’ve found that I easily become ravenous when I’m out ice climbing. Snacks are great, don’t get me wrong, but there are only so many semi-frozen Snickers bars I can get down before I grow tired of peanuts and chocolate. Enter Gastro Gnome to save the day again. You can bring a stove to boil water, but pro tip- fill up a good thermos with boiling water early in the morning and rehydrate a meal around lunch time with that still hot h20. Be ready for the jealous looks your adventure partners give you when they notice you enjoying a warm meal while they struggle to bite into their ice cold granola bar.

Whether it’s climbing, biking, rafting, skiing or whatever else gets you outside, Gastro Gnome’s Super Tasty Travel Ready meals are exactly that. They’ll help you focus your energy on your adventuring while replenishing the body and mind with really, really good food.


Becky is a Bozeman based climber and skier, racking up over 20 years of experience in our mountains. She’s worked in science education and now in the outdoor industry and has a passion for helping people get outside. We'd trust any pin she dropped on the map and the gear she'd suggest to take along.

Speaking of which-Becky’s Recommendation for a long day of climbing? Try the Indian Yogurt Braised Chicken and read her pro tips for how to stash hot water in your pack. We defintiley will.

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