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Certified 2% for Conservation


As a packable food company meant for wild places, it feels innate to our very existence to take steps towards protecting the wildlife that inspire us to create your meals. Without the outdoors, Gastro Gnome has no purpose. It's as simple as that. For this reason, we choose to give at least 1% of our sales towards wildlife conservation and volunteer at least 1% of our time to the incredibly important organizations who make conservation of wildlife and wild spaces possible. We're so thrilled to announce we've been certified by 2% for Conservation.

We decided long before our first meal was purchased that it was crucial for this business to stand squarely in the box of conservation. Because our mission focuses on providing flavor for adventures, we wanted to partner with folks whose mission it was to be stewards to the land and mentors to those exploring it. We choose to partner with Montana's Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Montana Mountaineering Association and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation. We celebrate and support the work of Wild Montana, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Wild and Scenic Rivers, and a handful more. To learn more about who we support, visit here.


For us, we wanted to ensure our proof was in the pudding, per se. 2% members don't simply donate money, they commit to their conservation communities and play an active role in the efforts. Jared Frasier, the executive director at 2% said, "We call our members 'True Conservationists' because they've earned the title. It's not something they've stumbled into, they choose. They're deliberate conservationists." If we earned our place in the food world, we want to earn our keep in the conservation world, too.

We sure take pride in their recognition of Gastro Gnome as a business who is committing to the conservation community, and because of that, you'll start seeing the 2% for Conservation stamp on our meals and you can trust that we're giving back to the outdoors space so the backcountry can forever keep us in a state of awe.

Something rad they're up to? For all you conservation minded job hunters and businesses, they're building a job opportunity platform where businesses like us can post jobs for people where conservation is at the center of their hunt. And, spoiler alert, we'll be hiring those kinds of folks soon!


Join us for the next Bozeman based volunteer opportunity like the Gallatin River Cleanup where we removed a washed out barbed wire fence in critical critter habitat and restored it back to a safe place for our wildlife. Stay tuned on our Instagram and come along!

This Thursday, tune in on The Average Conservationist where the Gnome crew discusses what conservation looks like to them, how and why Gastro Gnome started, and new flavors in the works.


While we pack your next meals, we want to give an extremely heartfelt shoutout to the organizations who stand on the front lines of conservation and ensure the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts get to experience the joy we feel in the solace of the backcountry.

All the best, from Team Gnome, the most stoked 2% Certified folks EVER.

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