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Alaska Magazine Picks Gastro Gnome


Wow. Gastro Gnome landed the spot as Editor’s Choice in Alaska Magazine!

No matter what medium of exploration you dig most, Alaska is on every outdoorsmen’s bucket list. No doubt home to some of the wildest and most beautiful places our Earth has to offer. To be chosen as Alaska Mag’s food to fuel the backcountry, welp. We just gotta say thanks. We know that the folks reading this mag and writing the articles are no-joke and pack only the best into the wilderness. Truly grateful to be on those adventures through our food.

We suggest reading the article as there is a great anecdote about being more afraid of having their Gnome meals stolen than rogue grizzly bears, but here’s a snippet below.

“I and my two companions who were also freeze-dried connoisseurs agreed Gastro Gnome made the best freeze-dried meals we’d ever had. They tasted like real gourmet dinners…There is really no comparison when it comes to freeze-dried meals.”

Check out the full article in Alaska Magazine here.


We're gonna drop this tidbit of advice here and hope y'all take it! If you were with us last Summer, you know what's coming. Yes, we've ramped up and are cranking 24/7 to make sure we have tons of meals for adventurers this go round. BUT, we recognize it might not be enough. We are encouraging folks who want good food out there to hop on the site or head into the shop ASAP to ensure they don't have to sacrifice out there! So, do the thing before it's too late. Click here to stock up.

As always, a huge 'Thank You' from our Team for letting us fuel your exploration. We love doing it and are stoked to see where you end up with really tasty meals this season.

 Team Gnome

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